Your Guide to Living Beautifully

As we ease our way towards the new year, here are some of the trends and movements on Living Beauty Founder and CEO Mariam White’s radar this season and how they’re impacting the beauty world.



Tension-less Travel

Chaos at airports has us doing anything we can to avoid checking a bag. Travellers have a myriad of multi-functional skincare products that can ease this pain along with deluxe travel sizes that have gained more popularity in the last few years. Slip a Masque PIGM from Biologique Recherche in your carryon and you can maintain results without waiting for hours at the baggage carousel.



A Regenerative Mindset 

It’s become clear to ethical consumers that living sustainability is a work in progress, especially where natural resources are concerned. Biomimetic ingredients grown in labs are just one exciting part of the solution we expect to see more of in the beauty industry to avoid any deforestation for the sake of a hot new ingredient. 


Minimal Makeup, Maximum Skincare

As we look to multi-use products with effective skincare ingredients, the skin will continue to be the starting point for all of our makeup looks. Let’s be honest: an even complexion with a hint of a natural glow is the ultimate antidote to our Zoom fatigue. 



Efficiency and Value 

Ongoing economic uncertainty has made it even more important to make wise investments. Getting expert treatments and advice from a beauty professional, rather than just trying out random products from TikTok, will always give you the best bang for your buck. 


The Gift of Sensoriality 

This holiday season, we’re all about welcoming sensuality into our lives with gifts and experiences (Biologique Recherche facial, anyone?) that delight the senses. For starters, take a peek at Olverum (page 4), the UK-based brand that takes bathing rituals to the next level.