Biologique Recherche Glows Up

Ask any A-lister how they get that lit-from-within glow and you’re likely to hear the words P50, a secret code that’s had everyone from Madonna and Nicole Kidman to Kim Kardashian singing its praises.


Made by French professional skincare experts Biologique Recherche, the Lotion P50 range is famous around the world for its exfoliating prowess, its strong smell and, most of all, its unmistakable glow. And it catapulted Biologique Recherche and its impressive roster of innovative skincare products, including the new Sérum Collagène Originel, to an even higher level of fame.  

 It's a well-deserved buzz that’s been a long time coming. “Even though they’re more than 40 years old, their approach is more relevant than ever, as so many people have destroyed their skin from different methods and products that were just so disrespectful of skin health,” says Suzie Rousseau who uses Biologique Recherche at her naturopathic and aesthetics clinic pH Santé Beauté in Montreal. “There’s a difference to be made between a glow that’s easily achieved by adding luminosity and real skin glow,” she emphasizes.  



While we may have celebrities to thank for shining the spotlight on Biologique Recherche, the talented beauty professionals who care for their skin behind the scenes are the real reason we all love the brand. Take Jenna Lyons, who told The New York Times back in 2014 that she learned about Biologique Recherche from New York facialist Aida Bicaj. “It’s my favourite thing that I don’t leave home without. I have large ones, travel-size ones; I have them in the office, at home, in my pockets,” Lyons said of her bottles of P50. Or Elizabeth Olsen, who credits California facialist Yonat Zilberg with introducing her to the brand. “She completely changed my skin,” Olsen said.  

“There’s a difference to be made between a glow that’s easily achieved by adding luminosity and real skin glow.”

If Biologique Recherche is the secret to restoring skin health and revealing that inner glow, then it can’t be done without a beauty professional. Because of their expertise, skin therapists can recommend the proper products for your Skin Instant©, the unique Biologique Recherche methodology that treats the skin in a way that considers factors like climate, pollution, hormones and lifestyle at each different moment in life.“This is where BR is so fantastic: because we have access to so many different actives. We have access to everything we could want, so that we can fine tune this recipe to the most precise needs of the skin that’s in front of us,” Rousseau says. “It’s finding the right recipe to bring that health back.”