The Living Beauty Drop

Adipeau Active Face Cream

Super fuel for your skin’s root structure, Adipeau’s Active Face Cream slides deep into the skin via the hair follicle. It’s a radical approach to skin care that both plumps and lifts by letting the skin regenerate itself. A must-have for all skin types and ages. 


Manta Healthy Hair Brush in Serene Green

In case you haven’t met yet, Manta is a completely unique hairbrush that gives hair the utmost in care, whether it’s wet or dry, curly, coily or straight or even extensions, because it’s made with 360-degree bristles that never take strands to the point of breakage. Now, the world’s kindest hairbrush is available in an of-the-moment green colour. 


Biologique Recherche Serum Collagène Originel

If you thought your days of youthful collagen-filled skin were behind you—think again. The new Collagène Originel serum acts on the four main types of collagen to improve skin density in 3-D. This deep regeneration makes skin tighter and smoother, while its filling effect plumps up deep wrinkles and folds.

Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

Elevate your nightly bedtime ritual with Olverum’s Pillow Mist, a blend of essential oils selected for their soothing properties. Spritzed onto bed linens, this relaxing mist promotes a calm mind and a restful sleep with its serene aroma of bergamot, amyris and lavender.  


Olverum The Dry Body Oil

A fast-absorbing body oil for those on the move, this aromatic elixir quenches skin, leaving it smooth and supple thanks to its unique combination of 30 botanicals. Mist it onto your hair for a silky finish with a hint of scent.