Fresh Faces


Living Beauty is constantly growing and evolving. This fall, two innovative beauty brands that rethink how we approach skin care from top to toe are joining our family. Come say hi.  



They say if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and that’s never been truer than at skincare brand Adipeau. Their exclusive product is the revolutionary Active Face Cream, which addresses both skin volume and sagging at once by supporting skin’s deep fat cells. “It’s the first time that anyone has shown that you can really restore two seemingly opposed aesthetic parameters in the face—volume loss and sagginess,” says founder Ivan Galanin. “We’ve shown that you can do both and, in fact, they both work by restoring the original setting of the skin.” 

To achieve these dual-pronged results, Galanin takes a fresh approach to supporting the skin from within. “The structure of the skin is actually completely misunderstood,” he says, explaining that the common visualization of skin as a three-layer cake made up of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis paints an incomplete picture of what’s really going on in the skin. “It’s actually like a comb, and the teeth of the comb are fat cells that line the hair follicles,” Galanin says. 

Adipeau fuels the root structure of the skin, where the fat cells are stored, feeding it just what it needs to stay healthy. “The cream affects the dermal fat directly. And it reaches the dermal fat via the hair follicle.” To penetrate deep into the skin via the hair follicle, Adipeau should be painted onto the face, so it has time to slide into skin via the hair follicle, rather than being rubbed in, which leaves the natural actives stuck in the outer layer of the skin.

When creating Adipeau, Galanin tapped two key natural ingredients: safflower oil, which stimulates regeneration, and black ginger, which nourishes a toned root structure. The vegan formula can be used at any point in time, such as weekly in your 20s as preventative maintenance, daily for targeted repairs or before an evening out or on-camera moment. Consider it the one-and-only must-have you need to add to your skin-care routine this fall.  


Overlum Skincare Products on glass shelf
The complete range of Olverum products can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate restorative experience at home.  From left: Olverum The Dry Body Oil (100 ml), $88, Bath Oil (125 ml), $74, Firming Body Oil (100 ml), Firming Body Moisturiser (200 ml), $80, Pure Radiance Facial Oil (15 ml), $112, Restful Sleep Pillow Mist (50 ml), $48


With an incredibly rich heritage that dates back to the legendary wellness spas of 1920s Baden-Baden, Olverum has perfected the art of bathing with care. It all started with their iconic Bath Oil, which took years to create and sought to bring the therapeutic benefits of essential oils into the home. Flash forward 90 years and Olverum is leading the way in the new wave of mindful luxury. 

“We pride ourselves on being, first of all, a high-performance brand,” says Olverum founder and managing director Dominic Hawksley. Made with high-quality, natural ingredients and vegan formulas, Olverum continues to explore the benefits of essential oils, including the signature aroma that’s enchanted the likes of royals and celebrities. “All our products have to smell fantastic,” Hawksley says. “Not only that, the essential oils we select don’t just make them smell nice, they have to have an active contribution to the product.” Since expanding beyond The Bath Oil, the London-based brand now offers body oils, polishes and moisturizers, bath salts and a pillow mist, all of which boast the original Bath Oil’s uniquely restorative properties and luxurious feel. 

In a cold climate like Canada’s, body care can be all too easy to overlook, but Hawksley says it’s important to give all of our skin the same level of attention as we do our face. “The skin, as you know, is the biggest organ on the body, but also the first line of defense against all sorts of environmental aggressors. Maintaining the skin barrier is very, very important,” Hawksley says. “It’s really good not only for your physical wellbeing, but for your spiritual and mental wellbeing, to take that time just to stop and focus on yourself and listen to what your body needs.”