What is Your Favourite Part of You?



Taking into account our health and wellness from head to toe, we asked some of our professional partners from across the country to share what they love most about their body. 


Mélissa Trudeau, Superviseure, Rainspa, Montreal

“I have two. First of all, my smile. I think a smile is the best makeup, the best skin care, the best everything. Even if I feel awful, my mindset changes when I smile in front of a mirror. The second is my collarbones. Whenever I wear a strapless top or dress, I feel sexy and feminine. I find it really attractive as well.”


Linda Brigley, Founder, Spirit Spa Halifax

“My shoulders. They carry so much!”


Priyanka Mukhi, Owner/founder, Xpressive Beauty, Toronto

“I recently became a mom for the first time to a beautiful little girl. Every day when I see my stretch marks on my tummy, I'm reminded of what I had to endure to bring her into this world and how strong my body was. Something that brings joy and that I cherish everyday.”


Hwaran Yoon, Founder and Owner, Refine Medi Spa, Edmonton

“I would say my hands because I can build better skin for each client, including myself, and change the way it looks and feels. But I try to love every part of my body since they are all beautifully connected to perform well.”