A Word from Mariam



The pursuit of wellness and self-care started out with good intentions, offering accessible ways to heal ourselves and find calm in an increasingly chaotic world. But thanks to an emphasis on commodification and the advent of some increasingly impractical pursuits—not to mention societal obligation—wellness has morphed into a series of time-consuming, and often quite expensive, lifestyle requirements. In a recent issue of The Atlantic, writer Sophie Gilbert examined how being well has added even more tasks to our never-ending to-do list, and is starting to feel like a chore—and we couldn’t agree more.



It’s clear that we’re heading into a new era of wellness that’s focused on strengthening the mind-body connection while honouring our personal experiences. We’ve dedicated this issue of the Living Beauty newsletter to exploring what it means to live well in 2023, from expert predictions on the evolution of wellness to a guide to the best retreats around the world and tips and tricks on improving your sleep.



The key takeaway? It’s time to stop putting pressure on ourselves to follow the wellness fads that don’t serve us and listen to our own intuition instead.



What still rings true is that quality is always going to be your best investment, and nothing is more valuable in life than the relationships that fill your cup with positive energy. Whether that’s spending time with your family or maintaining a connection with a skincare professional, the best medicine is other people.