Your Guide to Living Beautifully


No.01 – Skin Fitness 

Consider face workouts the new Thighmaster. New treatments and tools specializing in sculpting, lifting and toning the facial muscles are changing the way we approach maintaining skin’s quality. Adipeau’s Active Face Cream (50 ml, $120) specializes in improving facial fitness by keeping the fat cells in the dermis at the optimal size, restoring volume, accelerating recovery and regeneration, and improving any sinking and sagging.


No. 02 — Pleasure on The Spot 

We love sessions that incorporate all the bells and whistles, but sometimes quick and easy is the way to go. Dame’s new Dip ($58) vibe keeps it simple with an accessible price point, ergonomic shape and body-safe, waterproof silicone that can be used for all types of intimate play.



No. 03 — Hydration Station 

Dehydrated skin is pretty much unavoidable at this time of year, but it’s nothing that a Biologique Recherche professional can’t fix. To keep a bright glow throughout the winter, book a personalized facial at one of our partner spas.


No. 04 — Joyful Visuals

Your environment has a huge impact on your sense of wellbeing, and we’re all about creating an atmosphere that triggers happiness through art and beautiful objects. That includes Olverum’s Bath Oil (250 ml, $130), a bottle of which instantly elevates any bathscape. For your walls, Canadian artist Erin Armstong’s colourful paintings are an instant mood-booster and bring a kiss of happiness to any space.


No. 05 — The Power of The Ocean 

The sea continues to reveal the ancient secrets hidden in its depths, an almost supernatural power that’s captured in Biologique Recherche’s new Serum Collagene Originel (8 ml, $92; 30 ml, $210). The wrinkle-fighting serum is made with Type-0 collagen sourced from a primitive planktonic organism that hasn’t evolved in some 600 million years, earning it the badge of honour of being the original basis of all collagen.