Sweet Dreams



Sleep might very well be the most underrated wellness experience, and a major key to feeling your best. Get ready to drift off with Living Beauty’s lineup of essential sleep enhancers.


01 Dame Com, $175 

The most powerful member of Dame’s family of innovative

vibes, Com is their take on the classic wand shape that’s been upgraded for ergonomic comfort and easy handling. Its bulbed head brings a deep rumble to both the clitoris and the vulva and does double-duty as an external personal massager for full-body relaxation. With a flexible neck that contours to the perfect angle, Com is a sensorial way to unwind after a long day.


02 Olverum Bath Oil, 125 ml, $74

The Olverum brand was built on this signature Bath Oil and its beloved aroma. With a formula that dates back to the 1930s, the botanicals in its highly concentrated blend of essential oils, including lavender, Siberian fir needle and eucalyptus, were hand selected for their ability to soothe achy muscles, relieve stress and promote restorative sleep.


03 Olverum Bath Salts, 200 g, $64

A mineral-based take on Olverum’s Bath Oil, the Bath Salts

bring the same woodsy and earthy scent with the added benefits of Kalahari Desert and Dead Sea salts as well as avocado oil. Together, these ingredients work to repair the skin, nails and hair while sending you off to la-la land.



04 James Read Sleep Mask Tan, 50 ml, $46 

It may seem counterintuitive to get your tan on after sunset, but that’s just the kind of creative thinking that James Read is known for. Available in formulas for the face and body, Sleep Mask Tan works overnight to deliver a subtle sun- kissed glow by morning without staining your pyjamas and bed linens.